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Adult Speech Therapy

We have extensive training and experience working with adult patients at Brainstorm Therapy Services. We don't rely on formulas or workbooks. We create a customized plan specific to your unique challenges and needs that will help you get back to doing what you love.

Language & Speech

After a neurological event (like a stroke or brain injury), many people experience difficulty expressing themselves clearly, finding the right words, or understanding what others say. We support patients with aphasia, dysarthria, acquired apraxia of speech, and other speech clarity challenges. We also provide family and caregiver coaching so you can help your loved one communicate outside of therapy.


Those with swallowing disorders may have difficulty with chewing food, starting the swallow, food or liquid going down the wrong "pipe," coughing/choking, or feeling food get "stuck." We can develop a personalized program to rehabilitate the strength of your swallow to meet your goals.  

Voice Disorders & Chronic Cough

We have advanced training in treating a variety of voice disorders, including: dysphonia, vocal cord polyps / nodules, chronic cough, vocal cord dysfunction / paradoxical vocal fold movement (VCD or PVFM), and vocal cord paralysis. Treatment includes resonant voice techniques and vocal function exercises to improve vocal quality.


Cognition or "thinking skills" are essential for our independence as adults, and include memory, focus/attention, and higher-level planning and organizational skills. Some also experience personality changes. We support all aspects of cognition to maximize your recovery. We also support those with degenerative conditions such as dementia and Parkinson's Disease. 

Fluency & Stuttering

All people experience disfluent speech at times. For some, these disfluencies are more frequent and interfere with communication. We can help you achieve smoother speech, improve secondary symptoms, and address the emotional side of stuttering or cluttering to help you communicate with greater ease.

Gender-Affirming Voice Services

Voice therapy is an essential part of gender-affirming medical care. For nonbinary and transgender clients, learning how to modify the pitch, resonance, and prosody of your voice safely is essential to prevent injury to your vocal cords. Together, we can find your authentic voice that is aligned with your gender expression.

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